Forgot/Hacked Facebook Account- The key Methods To Recover It

Do you find anything suspicious with your Facebook account?  It might be hacked.  If your account has been hacked or compromised, then it is a matter of serious concern. Most important of all, your online identity is at stake. You never know what the hackers might do with your account.

Facebook Password Recovery

There are also instances, wherein you might have forgotten the password to your account. This clearly means you are nowhere in a position to access your profile page.

In situations, where your Facebook account is compromised or you are not capable of remembering the password, there are definite ways to handle it.  The best option would be to reset the Facebook password. Doing so, you will get an opportunity to regain the access and it will certainly help to fix the issue in no time.

Recover Facebook Account Password – What you must do?

Now, recover the Facebook password is quite simple and easy steps. In order to do so:

  • Report that your Facebook account has been hacked by visiting –
  • You will be provided with instructions, which you can use to recover the password.
  • Make sure to click on the button – My account is compromised.
  • Provide all the relevant details related to your email address, phone number, date of birth and username.
  • Once you have found the profile, enter the last password you used.
  • If the password does not work, then click on Reset the Password.
  • Now click on the option – resend the password recovery link to my email address.
  • Open the Email and click on the recovery link to reset the password.
  • Click continues to reset the password.

The steps mentioned above are easy to follow. To reset Facebook forgot password, you are not necessarily required to follow a lengthy procedure. Upon completing the steps, you can regain the access to your Facebook account.

Relevant Facebook Security Measures

With Facebook, it is important that you must follow some basic guidelines to secure your online account. To start with, you must never use the same password. It should not be disclosed to anyone. Try to secure the account by having the necessary mechanisms in place. In fact, you can set up two-step verification for your Facebook account, in order to be on the safer side. Other than these, you must keep an eye on the friends that you make on Facebook.

If you do have any trouble with your online account, then it seems logical to contact one of the trusted experts by using the Facebook support number.

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